Monday, September 18, 2006


William and Robert: Get To Know 'Em (Or Gotta See 'Em. Whichever)

Many thanks to Batgirl and company (herein: "et al") who have pulled us from obscurity and into the light of the Twins blogosphere. It's probably the best one to be in, I mean, could you imagine a Padres blogosphere? Exactly, I'd be going to the beach too. So we thought we'd give people who weren't able to personally ask us "wtf?" a method for our madness.

1. Ragnarok

As you can see from the link, Ragnarok is the predestined end times in Norse mythology. We firmly believe the Twins will win the division and it can be no other way. Good people will fall (e.g. Mauer may lose his claim to the batting title to the Antichrist from Kalamazoo), but eventually we all end up with a new park. It's science. Go look it up! We'll wait. UPDATE: Yes, Ragnarok is a good thing, and sometimes we get so excited we capitalize it.

2. Robert promises that he anagrams all words in his mind and doesn't go to websites. That's tacky.

3. A formal introduction to WV and RK:


4. William and I love to comment on blogs. But we don't coordinate it because that's weird. So you may see a comment that says WV and/or RK. Dont' be alarmed. It's one of us. Here's how you can tell. I have a scar on my- no wait, that's not it. If it's a thoughtful, sensical, cogent comment, it's William. If it discusses why the Big Lebowski is the best movie ever made, it's Robert.

Nice work gentlemen, after a quick perusal of your site you have officially made the cut of the Twins blogs I visit on maybe a little too regular basis, congratulations. However I still have one questions I need cleared up, Am I supposed to be looking forward with happiness or dread at the coming of Ragnarok? Probably should be obvious I know but hit me with a clue-by-four anyway will ya.
Also, nice to see actual pictures of actual bloggers. Rare sightings indeed, but a I nice touch and one I would like to see from some of the big names on the block. I'm talking to you BG and TG. I for one would love to see who exactly I'm getting my Twins enlightenment from, it'd fun.
William, I too have always wanted to be Paris Hilton for a day. The sex tape, Matt Leinart, the music record -- I don't blame you. Speaking of, have you heard her debut album? I heard it's shockingly not terrible, as in better than "Chacarron."
So if Robert doesn't like Boo Berry Cereal, does that mean he's anti-Rincon?
I guess he's still upset about that ALDS game against the Yankees. But at least Boo gave us one of the all-time great baseball quotes after that bit of sadness.

I'm off the fence. I want Detroit to take two of three from the Bitches. So long as the Twins can at least match that, we'll be in great shape to take the division and will have all but clinched the wild card.
Anagrams? What a dirty lie.
Nobody fucks with the Jesus.
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