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RK: That really was a hell of a season. But a hell of a time to have the bats go totally silent. Ask the Jankees for more information.

WV: At least we weren't paying somebody 20 million to go 1 for 14.

RK: Right, but like you were saying before, it's because it's the postseason it's all magnified. When the offensive slump before the All-Star break happened in Texas, it was similar. Just a bad break here.

WV: Bad break, but some positives if you squint hard enough. Justin Morneau, for example. Great defense, 5 for 16 on offense with 2 dingers.

RK: Yeah, there was some decent production from the 3-7 guys. If only some of the pirantas had been on base for those blasts. All the homers were solo shots

WV: Right. The series wasn't totally out of our reach. Without a couple of errors and a few clutch 2-out hits and we might still be playing.

RK: And that's what made this one tough. Some lapses in the team's strengths (bullpen, getting on base, defense) were hard to swallow.

WV: Indeed, like my father's stuffed porkchops.

RK: It would have been one thing if they would have been outslugged because their starting pitching was shaky. But that held up surprisingly well.

WV: It did. Hard to fault Brad Radke for his uneven performance. Beyond that, it was fine. I especially was encouraged by Bonser, he may be a legit number 2 next season. No counting on Liriano at this point.

RK: I hope he doesn't get all Mark Prior on us. They've already dodged that bullet once. So it comes down to a couple breaking balls hung, a couple balls bobbled, a couple too many strikeouts, and here we are. I think this may be the closest 3-0 series I've seen.

WV: At least I like the remaining teams. Tigres/Properly Punctuated A's is a good matchup. And the Twins are in a good spot. This is a team, after all, that won nearly 100 games last season.

RK: So let me get all V.I. Lenin on you and ask "What is to be done?"

WV: I'll shoot back a Leninism at you: "One man with a gun can control 100 without one". And I'm referring to Liriano's gun and whether the trigger needs ligament surgery.

RK: You really think the season rides on him? I think it's more important to get Sinn Fein back at this point. I know the Twins have a glut of outfielders, but again, Jasonthing1 at center? He'd be playing defense farther back than he's ever hit a ball.

WV: Tyner in center makes me cringe.

RK: I don't think they'll get any starting pitching. Which could be scary. I have a sneaking suspicion Silva will be around next year. And with the New Real Fair Square Deal and Leek Spring, you may be able to put something together

WV: As do I. The question is do you pick up his option at 4.5 mil or let him go to arbitration. He can't be worth that much, but then again, Kyle Lohse won his case the last two years. Maybe the New Real Fair Square Deal, with a full Spring Training and a year of experience will take a step forward.

RK: I'd certainly hope so

WV: Remember when Rubik's Kubel was a hot outfield prospect? I wonder if he'll be in the lineup much next year.

RK: I think his knees bend both ways now.

WV: As Hoverboard has shown, you do not need two good knees, or even a good shoulder, to play left field. But when you hit .240...Hm.

RK: It's funny, because we'd joke about Sinn Fein, but once his ankle was 100% and he hit all those homeruns to get his team to the postseason, well, I was persuaded entirely.

WV: The thing about Hunter is that he made 10 million this season so if you figure in the 2 million buy-out clause, he'd be making the same thing next season. Not the end of the world if you pick it up. Not when you've got nearly 25 million coming off the books

RK: And when you look at the olde-tyme team of 2002, a lot of those players are gone, and almost to a man have been upgraded. I don't think Hunter has an upgrade. So even though it's fun to break up with players before they break up with you because that's how our small market team rolls, we should probably keep this one.

WV: Me either. Little did we know, 2002 was a group of Sophists. And anyway, if things go bad, you trade him at mid-season and get a few prospects.

RK: I'm sure Boston would love to have him.

WV: Or hell, trade him to S.F. and get a couple of future All-Stars.

RK: Yeah, that well can't be dry yet.

WV: The nice thing about the team is that player wise, there's not a lot to debate. It's more about who they can sign to extensions and for how much.

RK: Right, everything else looks set. Do you get rid of Crain?

WV: Not at all. He was damn near unhittable after the All Star break.

RK: Well we're in total agreement about that.

WV: And if Joowan gets his panties in a bunch again you need a reinforcement.

RK: Right, otherwise I wouldn't change the bullpen... except maybe get a new junkman. Not that I don't like Willie Eyre-in go bragh! I'm of the impression that your longman should be a young guy with potential to be a future starter. Does Eyre-in go bragh! strike you as that person?

WV: No, he seems like the type that would blow himself up with a poorly made pipe bomb.

RK: Or a poorly made changeup. Perkins would have been a good option, but I think he'll be in the rotation next year.

WV: The fact that he only made 2 starts in AAA might complicate that. But the progression through AAA is overrated anyway. We're not at a loss for examples of that

RK: So we're in good shape. Let's just hope they can do it all over again.

WV: I think the White Sox are going to fall flat on their faces next season, a la Cleveland.

RK: So that'll be satisfying.

WV: Our competition will be Cleveland and Detroit. And I feel OK with that.

RK: Couple of good teams with good organizations.

WV: If the Tigers make the series this year, or even if they don't, they may rest on their laurels and regress. They do have older players like Rogers, I-Rod and Sean Casey who certainly won't get any better.

RK: I think their rotation will keep them in contention though.

WV: I'm secretly hoping that Verlander and Bonderman's arms go to hell after throwing so many innings this season. Much like Maroth's already has.

RK: See, I can't muster up much Detroit schadenfreude, they came out of the sucking time and theirs was twice as long as ours.

WV: Joe Torre out. Lou Piniella in!?

RK: I about spit out my diet Mountain Dew when I hear that on SportsCenter last night.

WV: Steinbrenner really would stab his mother in the back if it meant a win

RK: But I have plenty of Jankee schadenfreude! ESPN headline: "Fewer than dozen fans greet dazed Yanks in New York"

WV: Well, if nothing else, we should feel better about ourselves there. It would be nice to see Detroit win it all. It would be nice to see Detroit win it all.

RK: Count me a Tigers fan the rest of the way through. It'll be fun to watch these good teams go at it and then pummel the NAAAtional League representative.

So everybody, thanks for reading these heavily edited (for spelling and content) but otherwise faithful transcriptions of the IM conversations William and Robert have during the games. Well be updating periodically during the offseason as the news allows, and maybe not even just Twins news either, you lucky devils (Honestly, Robert's a freak and checks the baseball wire twice a day even in January). Watch and enjoy some baseball, and periodically come and say "Hi" and we'll blow some kisses your way too.

-William and Robert

Some of the less savory types may object: "But what of Ragnarok? False prophet! Judas!" And I'd say yikes, buddy, take it easy, see if I invite you over for some sponge cake and Ginja. Though I suppose I'm guilty of some short-term hysterics. Remember when the Romans sacked the temple in Jerusalem in A.D. 70? Perhaps you read about it. The reason they did that was because every time a charismatic or important or powerful person, Israel would scream "The Messiah! The Messiah!" and the Romans eventually saw the danger in that and demolished everything. So Jewish leaders got together and said, "We gotta make like a Beastie Boys album and Check our Head" (direct quote) and so was instituted the notion of long-range Messianism. Not to equate Twins Baseball with one of the world religions (OK, so exactly to do that) but we should have long-range Ragnarok. To have our team play the game the right way and when the game is played at its rightest (?) there won't be an external event to institute the rebirth of the world, but rather will become that way through the appeal to the Good Baseball Life. Long range, people.


Yay! I get to be the first comment on this entry. I love you guys. You make me laugh. So, you speak Spanish? Yo tambien. (Bien, una poco). Am I saying that right? ANYWAY, I love Jason Bartlett's nickname in your Working Glossary (Pear King). So fitting. I love the Twins. Just thought I'd leave you an affectionate comment. "Keep on rockin' in the free world."
Hey, you guys, I have really enjoyed your blog. Although maybe it's a little scary that your rambling IM exchanges make more sense than most of the talking heads on tv.
Heh, thanks for the additional entertainment, boys. Can't wait for more game recaps. Viva 2007!
Well done, sirs. Love, love LOOOOOOVE your blog, thanks to BatGirl's high praise. I look forard to the continuation of Ragnarok next year. Great nicknames; The Lew Ford Experiment...heh.

Go Tigers. Or A's. I like 'em both.
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