Saturday, October 14, 2006


Impossible is Nothing--Both for Aleksey Vayner* and the Detroit Tigers

*Your'e about to see a video about a senior at Yale named Aleksey Vayner. He sent this video to UBS as part of his resume. Keep this in mind. He wanted to use this video to secure a job as a finance banker But it was all a pack of lies, apparently. His 140mph serve, benching 495. The charity he's a CEO of is fake (and the copyright infringement may get him in even more hot water!) Anyway, we put this on here because we have severe Ivy League schadenfreude and because we like seeing bad people having bad things happen to them. He says he wrote a book about the holocaust in terms of gender studies - fabricated whole cloth. It's all on Anyway, we put it up here so you could enjoy the stupidity and it's justifiably up here because he calls himself a professional athlete, and this is a sports blog, right? The difference between Vayner and us? Sure, we make stuff up. But we're not assholes.

CEO and Professional Athlete.

Coincidentally, like Aleksey, the Tigers have become a model of personal development and inspiration to many around them. It's a generally accepted notion that people are happier when they grow, develop and are good at what they do.

It was nice to see the A's play like the Twins did in the first round. How does it feel bitches? You get to go home on the same flight as Steve Lyons, and you didn't even have to insult the entire hispanic population to do it. Moreover, it has been most gratifying to see the smug smile disappear from Nick Swisher's face. At this point, can you deny that Detroit is the team of destiny this year? Not only did they get out of their 68 year indentured apprenticeship to Dmitri Young, but they get to go to the World Series too! By the way, how does Steve Lyons get fired but McCarver continues to say things such as, "Delgado went up there looking to yank it, but he jerked it instead"? It's a difficult question--right up there with, "Why do they rock so hard?"

But good thing they're doing well. I'd hate to see how many TV cameras Kenny Rogers would hurl on his way out of Comerica. Oh right....he's been reincarnated as the veteran mentor savior to the Tigers' pitching staff; last season is a distant memory. My bad. But seriously, the Tiggers get a week off, and will likely steamroll whoever AAA sends at them, whether it be the Mets or Cardinals.

One could argue that the rest will have a negative effect on Detroit. I'd say that with their young arms, Bonderman and Verlander, being overworked this season, the rest will be benificial. Besides, can you really pinpoint what is considered bad for this team? If being swept by the Royals at home to lose the division isn't a bad omen, what is? Maybe during their week off they can call in Runelvys Hernandez to throw them some BP.

CEO and Professional Athlete

Well, I think based on how the past World Series winners have gone into and played in the WS, it sure seems like the Tigers have this thing in the bag.
Either way, this Cards/Mets series is a long one.

Also, interesting little video there.

Not sure where you stand on AJP, but he was in the pre-game show, helping host I believe (as was E. Byrnes). I thought it was interesting, him in a suit and all. I think it was good for the rest of the world to see AJP like that.
AJP looks like the Dali Lama compared to that Byrnes fellow. Turn it down a notch, dude!

Really, I was pleasantly surprised by AJ's audition. But it's FOX, so anybody who can control his breathing and his prejudices separates himselof from their other announcers.

Jim H.
And nobody threw a punch at him so I'd call it all and all a successful debut on television.
They played "Chacarron" at Shea tonight; is it Reyes' walk-up music?
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