Friday, October 06, 2006


Let's Make Some Space

We're just going to take a step back. I was red in the face watching this game, between Bartlett's error, Torii's being safe, Radke leaving it all out there, we're going to wait for tomorrow to say anything.

Rant all you want today, tomorrow is the catharsis.

Tough way to end the season, but they don't need to hang their head on this. Just need to get everybody back and healthy and make another run at a central title next year. Pitching looks great with Santana, hopefully Lariano, Bonser, Sylva, and Garza. Please get rid of Jesse Crain only thing negative i gotta say on twins is him. I just think their are plenty of positives to look forward in the future.
I agree. There is so much positive and this season was full of wonderful unbelievable moments. I love this team.

If the same group of guys is back, I know there will be another amazing season to look forward to.
Matt, Crain had a fantastic second half of the season. He's been great at times in his career, and not-so-great at other times. But he doesn't suck as a general proposition.

I'd like to see us try to upradge in LF. I hope White is back, but he'll need to learn to hit as a DH. But I think we'll be in great shape generally, especially if Liriano's healthy.

Go Tigers!!!
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