Sunday, October 22, 2006


Things That Haven't Happened Since 2003

---Yugoslavia has not existed.
---Gray Davis has not been governor of California.
---Catherine Zeta-Jones has not won an Oscar; and now dedicates herself to cell phone commercials.
---Evanescence has not won a Grammy...or been seen. Get it?
---Brad Johnson has not won a Super Bowl. Look it up, it happened.
---Counting Crows, Kid Rock and Train have not had top 10 singles. Thank sweet Jesus.
---And until yesterday, the National League had not won a game in the World Series.

So there you go, welcome back to the real world, National League. As impressive as Pujols and Rolen looked last night, I still look for Detroit to settle down and come back in this series. Verlander, the rookie he is, might have felt jittery and missed his spots. If he lets the cameras get close enough, look for Kenny Rogers to bring a veteran presence to the mound tonight and even up the series.

In other news, we at Pulling A Blyleven wholeheartedly agree with the decision to extend Ron Ron's contract. Going to the playoffs 4 out of 5 seasons merits such an endorsement, even if only one of those years featured an appearance in the ALCS. On a side note, they also extended the contracts of all of the other coaches, including Scott "hey, the shorstop already has the relay, go home!" Ulger. While that decision gives me mixed feelings, it does serve as a reminder that bringing in Vavra last season was the right move and hopefully the hitting can continue to improve next season.

I wasn't a huge fan of the Ullger extension, but at least Vavra got one. He certainly deserves to be rewarded.

I agree regarding the Tigers. I think they'll bounce back tonight. Since Leyland could have thrown his starters in any order, I wasn't sure throwing a rookie in game one was the best idea, though it was defensible.
One thing I don't like about Ullger is how hard it is to generate anagrams from his name. I wasted quite a bit of my employer's money playing around with that and came up empty.

Jim H.
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