Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Reading Too Much Into Something and Overuse of Acronyms

We here at P.A.B., as much as our lack of posting proves otherwise, do pay attention to the news wire during the off-season. And no, it has nothing to do with the Vikings tanking and the...uh..what are they called again..oh yes, Timberwolves playing basketball.

1. Kiko places 3rd in R.O.Y. voting.

The real issue that chaps my behind is that Neshek didn't get a single stinking vote. No, I'm not saying he should have been R.O.Y. But that delivery deserves something right? Anyways, back to Kiko. Well, he was International League R.O.Y. in 2005, so he'll have to be content with that for now. The third place finish is nice, but doesn't it sort of feel like getting a tax refund check a few days after being notified that you're being audited?

2. Gardy Finishes 2nd in M.O.Y. Voting.

You know, if Gardy is given whatever talent 10 million extra dollars in payroll would afford like Leyland, we could be discussing him winning a World Series and an *already* well-deserved M.O.Y. award. But alas, our owner would rather that we go to Spring Training with Jason Tyner in left field rather than Gary Sheffield. Really, my quibbling begs the question as they're both deserving candidates. However, as a homer I would have liked to see Gardy get it.

3. So....Kiko gets 3rd place...Gardy gets 2nd place....Is it safe to say that Santana will get 1st? Not like that would be shocking. My only regret is that you can't create an an acronym like P.A.B., R.O.Y. or M.O.Y. for the Cy Young. C.Y.A.....cee-ya!


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