Tuesday, November 21, 2006


So Many Feelings


Canadian National Anthem! (Shut up, you can feel it)


Triumph of good over the Antichrist from Kalamazoo!

Honestly, you can blame a lot of things on Derek Jeter. Michigan's loss to THE Ohio State University (Troy Smith saw his permasmirk and thought, "How dare you. I will now go win the Heisman.")

But can you believe JustIncredible has won the AL MVP? Who would have thought that (at least some) of the writers could unplug themselves from the Bos-Wash Sports Media Superstructure long enough to realize that Morneau truly deserved the accolade. Sure, Jeter had a career year. And that should tell you all you need to know about his career (as a hitter, mind you) on a stacked team.

Tony Kornheiser will probably throw a fit on PTI, but only because Joe Namath didn't win and he only knows 3 athlete's names.

But to be totally serious with you for a second, here's the rationale: would the Twins have done what they did without Morneau? (even down the stretch) The answer to that is no. Would the Yankees have won the AL East with your grandmother playing short and batting second? Probably. Sooo, who has more value? Thank you for getting it right, baseball. The most valuable player happened to win the award of the same name.

More as I stop acting like a Knucklehead McSpazatron


It's fascinating how the actual decision on the MVP changes the debate not at all.

The award is pretty meaningless (except perhaps in financial terms for the good Doctor), but it is nice to see the modest young man from the boring center of the continent beat out the mega-super-media-darling-make-me-puke-East-Coast-ACFK.

Me spaz, too, but don't care!

Jim H.
I too find that interesting how people still don't like the choice. But I say whatever.

Yeah, being a diehard Twins fan I probably have biased feelings, but heck, he deserved this. It was his offensive turn around from the beginning of the season that drove us on our incredible stretch to ultimately win the AL Central Division Title.

And man.. from all that our team has won since the end of the World Series just goes to show how special of a team we have. Congrats Justin.
Not to be a downer, but we had 3 people in the top 7 MVP voting, the Cy Young winner, a 3rd place finisher in ROY, runner up in Manager of the Year....it sure seems like we should've beat Oakland in the playoffs.
Yeah, we should have, but someone pointed out on Batgirl that the last time two teammates won the Cy Young and MVP, the following season that team won the World Series. That's something I can get behind. Viva '07! Viva Twins!
Ah.. you're not being a downer. I think we all realize/think that too. And it makes the performance, or lack there of, that we had this last postseason all more mysterious.

But like Laura, I'm up for '07! :)
I am 75% joy and 25% schadenfreude. OK, maybe 60/40; The Smirk has gotten too many undeserved awards for me to be gracious. Seriously, I'm pleased that the writers ignored the biases and went with the most truly valuable player. Congrats, Justin, well-deserved.

Re: the Oakland series, still convinced there were dark forces at work there.
Dark foces, most definitely. But rest assured that in the long run Ragnarok will reign supreme. Much like the Iron Chef's cuisine.
This doesn't have to do with the MVP award, but don't forget to vote for Blyleven for the Frick award (best announcer). Fans can vote for their favorite Major League announcer through 11pm CT Thursday. Anyone else find it humorous that Blyleven is up for the Frick award? As in - "We'd better fricking do this thing over again because I fricked it up..."
I find it humorous, not gonna lie.
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