Friday, December 29, 2006


Un-Dell? Sweet God

There aren't very many things for which I like to come out of my alcohol-induced holiday coma (bringing families together since, I would imagine, about the beginning of time) - but the re-upping of Rondell? Sometimes I think Gardy just likes a challenge. Perhaps he accidentally told Terry how much fun it was digging themselves into a hole and then getting out of it and except for the whole getting swept by the properly punctuated A's thing, it was WAY AWESOME. Perhaps Terry got the wrong idea (Terry and I are best of friends, which is why I can use his first name like that - pictures from last Labor Day forthcoming, but let me tell you friends, they are a wild time!) Wait, where was I?

Look, all I'm saying is that there's only so much pig blood that can be dumped on Gardy before he starts ruining everybody's prom night with the psychokinesis and whatnot.


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OK, after reeling in disbelief upon hearing that:
1.The Yankees signed Doug Mientkiewicz
2. The Indians signed Luis Rivas
and my personal favorite morsel of WTF?!,
3. The Twins signing Sidney Ponson
this whole Rondell White thing seems utterly sensible by comparison.

Thanks for the info. I know we haven't been very good about keeping on top of the wire, but I'm:
1. Back on the academic calendar, so my alcohol induced winter holiday is like 6 weeks long
2. I'm in New York, and highly distracted by all the lights
3. Seriously, Sidney Ponson? More like Sidney Pontoon! Oh, never mind.

Anyway, keep us all posted with more wacky signings. And I think that request is a blog first: you give us the info and we take credit for it! We're the James Frey/Doris Kearns Goodwin/Kaavya Viswanathan of blogging.

My friends, all of whom are Orioles fans, are really enjoying the Twins' signing of Sir DUI. They don't realize that all of our young guys are going to beat him out for a spot in the rotation since they can't even buy booze.
I second the 'Sidney Pontoon' emotion. More WTF for you...
Never min the Big Unit heading back to Arizona, Juan Uribe might miss the 2007 season for his alleged involvement in the shooting of a farmer in the DR.

Oh, the White Flags, such a bunch of stand-up guys.

RK, Don't be too disoriented by all the shiny things in NY.
I've got no problem with re-signing Rondell. He had a very good second half, and was better than anyone else the Twins would ever good after.

Ponson, on the other hand, is a very unfunny joke.
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