Monday, February 12, 2007


Diversification and Robust Portfolios

Hey everybody, it's been a while! I figured I'd dust this thing off and let out a huge sigh of relief that Mighty Joe Mauer has been signed to a 4-year contract.


Don't you wish Morneau had been offered a multi-year deal too?

I don't want to alarm you, but pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. The season draws nigh, the times are upon us once again! RAGNAROK! (Oh wait, that's right, we're taking a long-term approach. We'll see how long that lasts as the fervor increases) I just get caught up in things so easily - I mean honestly, how can you watch just Die Hard when you've got Die Hard 2 just sitting there? How do you watch just a couple episodes of the Sopranos? How do you do the voodoo that you do so well?

Here's an offer from us to you: do you have a facebook profile? Do you want to congregate with other people who are dysfunctional enough to read this site? Do you want some insight into the personal/professional/academic lives of the authors of this blog? Then log on right now into your facebook profile and locate the group "Pulling A Blyleven is where I go for my Twins misinformation." Myspace page forthcoming. Album drops in October. We are so flunking out of school.

Facebook? Myspace? Dudes, I will be 60 in May, so you'll understand that these so-called social networking sites are, well, unfamiliar territory. My social networking happens at a little pub in Northfield named The Contented Cow. But I really do enjoy your site -- along with several other Twins-related blogs (and a couple of Red Sox ones).

Good article yesterday on Morneau's off-season conditioning -- I think it was in some Vancouver newspaper. Sounds like Morneau wouldn't be one to coast or get lazy if he got a multi-year deal. If that's what TR is worried about.

Spring break in Ft. Myers?

Jim H.
I don't think that's the worry about Morneau. We all saw what a healthy off season did to him. (Can anyone say MVP? ;) )

Bring on Spring Training!!
Jim h.,

I'm 25 and those sites are bordering on the unfamiliar for me already. I lived in Northfield a few years back, the Contented Cow is probably a more intelligent and informative networking site than Facebook anyways.
The Twins did offer Morneau a multi-year deal, apparently similar to that of the Chairman. Unfortunately, the MVP wouldn't take it.

Boy, now you have me thinking about finally getting a myspace page, after all these years of holding out.
I recently succumbed to myspace, and am comforted to know that other people I like will be slapping barcodes on their foreheads as well. Good work, boys.

I think the offseason is going well for us. The Morneau deal is indeed perplexing and a little disappointing, but I'm really trying to be of the let's-worry-about-the-2007-season-and-just-quit -it-with-the-fortune-telling-about-the-seasons-to-come nonsense. It only makes you insane and I'm crazy enough as it is.
Dougie Mintkevwiscksz and his new Yankee brothers will be at the Dome in April. I do hope Torre finds a reason to put him in the lineup so we can see Doug and Justin chat amicably at first base.

Frank Thomas and his new Blue Jay buddies will be here in late May and late June. After what Frankie did to us in the ALDS, that should be a fun homecoming of sorts.

I'm too lazt to look it up, but I think A.J. is still with Baltimore. The season is spiced up a little for me with these personalities, like a little sub-plot in a long story.
Did I dream that? A.J. an Oriole? Sorry...don't know where that came from. He is, after all, the quintessential Bitch Sock.
I found your blog a while back and thought yourself, and the people who read your site would enjoy this Twins forum:

The site has a lot of credibility getting interviews with a couple Star Trib writers and Jim Caple and Jim Callis. Glen Perkins did an interview too. It's a fun atmosphere so take everything with a grain of salt, it's a younger crowd. Lot of smart baseball minds though.

Keep up the good work!
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