Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Stadium Catastrof#©k: A Lesson In Inevitability

WV: Now, I know nothing about building stadiums but it seems like a good idea to secure the property first, right?
RK: You would think.
WV: It's like strapping on a condom before a blind date.
RK: I'm reminded of Benjamin's essays on violence.
WV: Ha, how's that?
RK: Well, the state has a monopoly on legitimate violence, right?
WV: Indeed.
RK: So it just said we're taking this land, and yeah, we didn't do it correctly, but ti's gonna happen anyway. That's an act of violence
WV: Right, eminent do-fuckin'-main man.
RK: Right, but they even screwed that part up. They're just straight taking the land.
WV: You know, it's all the same. I'm no libertarian so if the government wants to defraud a bunch of greedy businessmen, so be it. My economic mindset pretty much revolves around what helps me...oh wait, I am a libertarian. Or a Yankee....
RK: Yeah, in the grand scheme of things, this may essentially boil down to the following: a bunch of businessmen prospected the site for a new park and figured they could make a steal on the land.
RK: Instead, the state went eminent domain. Boo-hoo.
WV: Right. Take that Patrick Henry!

WV: It seems, though, that the most pressing matter concerns being able to fit a goddam stadium on the site. Who the hell came up with this idea?
RK: I mean, "comfortable" or "cozy" (read: artificially create high ticket prices by reducing seats), I get it.
WV: Like me with U2 and Metallica, they're banking on the chance the team returns to its 1990's pestilence. That way, 6000 people will seem like a big crowd.
RK: I think it's all about ticket sales.I would imagine you're not going to see $3 UGA prices for students on Wed. anymore
WV: Yes, but since everything will be "cozier", chucked hot dogs from left field will have a good to great chance of hitting Carl Pohlad in the owner's suite.
RK: Oh, there's a tradeoff in everything, isn't there?
RK: And that while I was in lower GA seating, I plead the 5th as to whether I threw a tubular steak at Mr. Knoblauch
WV: Luckily, he tried to throw back and it was errant to the far left.
RK: You think he just sits at home throwing to his imaginary first base in the living room?
WV: Definitely, a veritable Ray Finkle.
RK: Wow. This doesn't happen often, but I'm speechless
RK: Finkle is Einhorn! Einhorn is Finkle!
WV: Let's hope that Knoblauch, a la Snowflake, doesn't kidnap T.C. the Bear. Oh wait..yes, please let that happen.
RK: I think we've gone far afield from the issue of the stadium.
WV: Yes, better end it here.
RK: God, being a journalist must be hard. Much respek to G.R. Anderson Jr.

The stadium drama is mildly interesting, but I don't think it's worth a lot of teeth-gnashing or table-pounding. I have been to ballgames in some of the venerable old parks (Wrigley and Fenway), in some of the newer parks (Philadelphia and Baltimore), and in some parks that no longer exist (the Met, old memorial stadium in Baltimore, old Comiskey). The Dome is unquestionably the worst place to watch baseball, but I still go.

I'll go to the new stadium, too, whether it's crammed into the Rapid Park site or on the river where the Ford plant now sits.

In a word: whatever. Wake me when it's over.

Jim H.
jim h.,

Right on. That is true PAB attitude right there.

I am very ready to bury, not praise, Kyle Lohse for having no control over his pitches. While I don't think he meant to BEAN TORII IN THE HEAD (and he was pretty much dead to me already), I'm still very much attracted to the thought of throwing him off a cliff.
I wholeheartedly agree with the decision to bury that mofo.
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