Saturday, March 03, 2007


What do you get when you cross an aesthete with a phenomenologist?

Like Sidney Ponson, we figured that a change in the old color scheme might do us wonders. Unfortunately, we're most likely still egotistical, obese and stuck with a fastball whose MPH is rapidly decreasing with each passing day. Nonetheless, we hope you all enjoy the interior decorating job and if there's any suggestions, have at it.

p.s.--If you haven't googled it already, the answer is an interior dasseiner. Get it? Neither did we.

Looks nice!!
Just remember what you just said. Because in the following weeks we will see who's right. I've followed Sidney his whole career and i'm going to bet you will be suprised. We will just wait and see!
I sincerely hope, jd, that you prove us wrong. Especially after how old Boofy looked today.
Gleeman says he needs a logo; SBG is always tinkering with his blog; Basegirl (a pretty good Red Sox blog) says she's going to redesign. Isn't it difficult enough just being clever and trenchant?

Nickname ideas nfor the new old guys: Sydney "porky" Ponson; Ramon "The Wrong" Ortiz.

Jeff Cirillo and Ken Harvey...I dunno.

The umps shoulda invoked the ten-run rule today. Mercy.

Jim H.
Looks nice, guys, thanks for the love.

I know spring training is a nice way to ease back into baseball and not get all freaked out about stats and things, but I would really like to win a game. Just saying.

And as far as nicknames go, my friend and I were going with Sidney Pontoon, but now we've just shortened it to The Boat. I need a little more exposure to everyone else before I can start doling out any good, all-encompassing nicknames.
Wow, Sidney Pontoon is great. That's definitely in the running for admittance to the working glossary.

A win would certainly be nice, being as the "games don't count" excuse is starting to wear thin. I'd like to see Pontoon, Ortiz and Durbin make some appearances so we can really gauge how this competition is going.
I understand that they want Garza to get more innings in the minors, but he's kinda been the best starter going so far in the ST games, if I remember correctly.
Maybe when Johan's not pitching we should just have everyone in the bullpen take a couple of innings and see how it goes.
Has Pontoon* gotten on a plane yet? I'm not impressed with that whole visa situation. I am impressed, however, with The Garz. Made a few bitches sit down the other day, very nice.

*I have to give credit where it's due; RK had the same brainwave about Sidney Pontoon awhile back. But I really had thought of it on my own before that. Really. If I'm going to steal something, it's never intellectual property.
I vote for The Boat!
Tuesday's morsel of hilarity: Barry Bonds playing left field, losing two balls in the sun, and falling down and looking like a giant boob. Har har.
Baseball is soon!!!!!!! That is all.
Baseball is soon and accordingly expect a welcome back extravaganza from the two bufoons that run this site this evening.
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