Monday, April 16, 2007


The Boof Is In The Pudding


Thanks for the happy thoughts and good vibes during these strange events (to those not in the know, I'm a student at Virginia Tech). Send even more thoughts, or pray if that's your thing, to the victims and those more directly affected by the tragedy than myself. I didn't go to campus today, and even though they haven't released names, it seems like all my friends are accounted for. So many bodies, infinitely reducible. Therein lies the tragedy. People being treated as bodies by someone. That's the parallax we can't breach, the big Other we can't wrap our minds around.

The amount of outreach and support that I've gotten from friends, family, and perfect strangers, however, has more than once today moved me to tears. My little world in Blacksburg has been shaken, and plenty of people like Sister Jensen have volunteered to be Hokies for a while, helping to get the foundations set back in.

I'd like to do the game tomorrow, and we'll see what happens; but a deep thank you to those who read this thing and reached out. It goes farther than one might think.


Now enjoy the humor. Seriously. Laugh a lot everyday. Laughing is like inner jogging.

After a 7-5 start, it is evident that a significant number of Twins are still shaking off the off-season rust and trying to get into mid-season form. Our beloved namesake, however, must have had a strict Winter training regimen, because he's clearly on his game:

At this point, Dick's reactions to Bert's shenanigans are so blasé that he would make an ideal case study for Simmel. Enjoy the day off and we'll see you after hours against Seattle tomorrow night.


Seriously, I can't stop watching that video....It's the only thing that has made me laugh today and I keep watching over and over. I even put it on my myspace, because it needs to be shared. But yes, thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the Virginia Tech community. Don't forget to wear maroon and orange on April 17th!
"Forget any and all college affiliations today. For today, we are all Hokies." ~ Russell Denney
Oh my God. I mean, oh my Santana. RK, I had no idea. I can't add anything but my own good vibes. Makes all my own school-drama look pretty inane. YIKES. Take care of yourself, R.
Rk... glad to hear you are alright, even though many other people aren't.
Take it easy.
And like jensen, I can't stop watching the video. Thanks for that!
I put that video up on YouTube right after it happened because I couldnt stop laughing.

The world can shock with its horror and sorrow. It can also sooth with beauty and laughter.

I admire you for choosing the latter even in the midst of the former.

Also I'm glad to see Bert isn't completely reformed.

The pudding is in the Bof!


Jim H.
Anonymous: You're a saint for putting this video up. If you shed more light on yourself, I'll definitely praise you in the post tonight.
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