Friday, April 13, 2007


Gonna take your mama out all night, yeah we'll show her what it's all about

Despite reports to the contrary, WV and RK do, in fact, accidentally arrange social engagements from time to time. One of these sometimes awkward, oftentimes inebriated occasions has come up this evening, and alas, we cannot liveblog tonight's game.

Then again, Santana vs. The D-Rays is God's way of saying, "Go ahead, have fun, no need to sweat this one out". As much as we'd like to reiterate Johan's dominance over and over again, this will almost certainly become dull for you. So consider our absence a favor.

Feel free though, in any case, to use the comments section and chatbox to pull your own Blyleven and let us know what we've missed later on.

--WV (though channeling the ghost of RK)

White people. They're funny!

- Doug Heffernan
Clearly, boys, you're not to go out when Santana is pitching ever again...right?
I'm so with hops on this one.
Ha ha. I loved reading that little post the day AFTER the game. It makes me laugh at little. And it also makes me sad. But hops is right.
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