Wednesday, April 04, 2007


If I Had A Heart, I'd Leave It In San Francisco

Loyal readers,

Good news or bad news first? Good news is that a trip to the Pacific Time Zone has rescued me from the grey and dreary New York climate. Bad news is that live blogging this week shall be problematic. No fear, RK will drop in now and again and I'll see what I can do from out here. I'm also preparing a post for Bat Girl's page later this week. Watch for that and the subsequent cutting off of all ties when our lame sense of humor drags down her readership.

Oh yes, and nice win tonight. It seems like at least 2/5ths of our rotation is decent, now is where the fun starts. This is like upstate New York after leaving NYC and going through Yonkers. There's some gems, but they tend to be overshadowed by run down factories and abandoned farms. Let's hope for the best


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