Thursday, April 26, 2007


Lose The Zero, Get With The Hero

Late, late start to blogging today due to afternoon classes. However, I didn't miss much.

I think the Twins should trade a pitcher to a National League team that plays KC in interleague this year so that he can nail Greinke right in the ass with a pitch in retribution for taking out Sinn Fein. I'm old school Earl Weaver like that.


Sports I'd rather watch instead of the Twins hitting:

Chilean Cliff Diving
Bocce Ball


Rincon fucked with DeJesus and nearly was decapitated by the sharp end of his broken bat. I think DeJesus' bat went farther than most of the Twins' hits today.

I'm entirely speculating on that last comment, but I think guessing the Twins haven't hit the ball hard is like saying "I bet the sun rose this morning"

The Pear King, on the other hand, looks to have put his errors behind him.


Wellenmeier...9.39 ERA Perfect. I think we need to face good pitchers to get these bats going. Too bad KC doesn't have Walter Johnson in their bullpen.

Justin got a hold of one there, any other stadium and the game is over. Dammit, no luck even when we hit it.

Jesus, back to back hits. Don't let anyone tell you that lightning can't strike twice. No, this is even less probable than that.

Mike Redmond, game winning hit. I'm speechless.

The Twins are celebrating like they just hit the powerball. Yep, that's right: Them getting 3 hits in a row is less likely than winning the powerball.


Effusively celebrating a 1-0 win over Kansas City would be like dancing around the room after your Grandfather lets you beat him in checkers. A win is a win, and as far as aphorisms go, it's also a long season. Let's hope that this ugly win closes the door on an ugly stretch to start the year. The schedule gets a bit tougher from here on out, so we better hope this is a sign of better things to come.


Well, a win is a win, I guess. Even when it's an extra-innings 1-0 win against the Royals. Hm.

And am I on drugs or does Alyssa Milano REALLY have a blog on I am speechless. Except to say that her baseball apparel for women must be killed before it spreads.
The #1 play on SportsCenter tonight was Bartlett's catch/throw to Redmond....that's right...BARTLETT WAS THE #1 PLAY OF THE DAY! Yeah...that's my player..what up bitches? :)
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