Friday, June 29, 2007


Chilling with Pedro

Hey everybody - I was all pumped to do this game tonight; so pumped out that I had to work out to get some energy released. And I screwed up my shoulder somehow. Anyway, I'm on my way to see a trainer to see if it's an injury or if I'm just indescribably weak. Consider this thread open. Typing with one hand is hard.

Feel better soon! When you get back, could you do me a favor and explain to the Detroit announcer the difference between irony and coincidence? (He said a certain section of people wearing white shirts are either a group or 'ironically wearing the same shirt') Thanks much.
I agree with KT. You're missing a good opportunity to rail on the awful announcing done on behalf of the Tigers. Their consensus on Johan is basically "shit he's good...oh, but not really that good because the Tigers are awesome." Get well soon.
We all expected something better coming out of Detroit? (I'm watching it on FSN North so I can't really see what you're talking about).

Does make me sad though that Brandon Inge is out of the lineup, I always dread his photo coming up. Like staring into the sun.
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