Friday, June 08, 2007


I'll Be Gone Till November

Or not. I'm actually gone till Sunday, up at St. John's University to be a groomsman for a dear friend and classmate who's getting married. Will I have time to go to a Twins game? Sadly, no. Will I be able to blog? Sadly, no. It's all in the hands of WV and his schedule, but I mean this from nearby the bottom of my heart when I say this:

It's so good to be back in Minnesota. This state is the nation's best-kept secret, and I'm alright with that - more for me.


RK, you're not missing much. It's the 5th inning, and Dick and Bert are discussing the exact definitions of the terms "a few" and "a bunch." It must be hard to be a broadcaster when your team is down 7-0 so early in a game.
I've got another classic Bert moment for you:
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