Friday, June 15, 2007


A Night At The Roxbury...Minus Chris Kattan

Our friends Tony and Matt from The Last Shot Podcast and Shane from Greet Machine are at tonight's game and offering running commentary. Let's check in with them:

Q: Describe Scott Baker in 3 words.

A: Trade To Tampa. That's the unanimous choice, no joke.

Q: Will Tampa be cool with giving up a few rosin bags and some Big League Chew for Rocket Bats?

A: Classic!

Q: Any thoughts on Ramon "Even My Mom Finds My Face Revolting" Ortiz?

A: it cool to bash Silva yet?

Q: How about the Bert statue, does it do him justice or did they pull a Blyleven?

A: Wouldn't doing Bert justice be pulling a Blyleven?

WV: Touché.

Q: Finally, Joe Mauer's one sleeve: Allen Iverson wannabe or injury prone wuss pretty boy?

A: Kubel just threw the ball halfway back to Milwaukee and Ortiz covers home plate about as well Green Day does John Lennon. Oh...uh..wuss pretty boy.

Well thanks guys, good to get a perspective on things right from the horse's mouth. What does that turn of phrase even mean, anyway?

Oh, and Scott BAAAker should be in Rochester. Hey Rocket Bats, here's the Craig's List link for apartments there, consider it a favor from me to you:

Rochester Apartment Listings.


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