Saturday, June 02, 2007


Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

Hello all,

RK and I are once again away from the internets so consider this the official game thread. As is likely obvious, we're not the most dedicated bloggers over the weekend, but expect witty and ├╝ber-reactionary commentary on tonight's game come the Sabbath.


I'd like to tell you what's going on tonight, but I'm watching Game 3 (GO DUCKS!) on TV and the Twins on mute on the computer and just know that I would like us to score 2 runs please.
I'd like us to not suck when Silva pitches absolutely amazing. Yep, I said it. Silva pitched absolutely amazing.
kt: good to know someone's watching the stanley cup finals. as much as it pains me to cheer on the ducks (named after a bad disney movie - something's wrong with that), as a leaf fan, i can't stomach the senators winning.

also, i have to comment on the rabid support of this website. i made a semi-random link on here to an axl rose post on my blog and have received tons of hits from your site. you guys must be doing something right (and twins fans must be a dedicated bunch !!!). go twins.....
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