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We have an innate ability to predict which games are worthy of live blogging beforehand, hence my complete lack of remorse in missing the Twins offense bow down before Joe Blanton as if he were a golden calf. But as happened with the Israelites, Moses eventually descended Mt. Sinai and went medieval on the original stone tablets upon seeing the iconoclastic debauchery taking place. This comparison leads us to Moses Santana, who takes the mound today and hopefully reminds everyone that our offense is no longer a hostage to the Lord of Assbats and that the team in general is once again within sight of the postseason race.

Last night, of course, is not without positives, as Silva's outing was quite encouraging, and his offense's betrayal forced me to title this post accordingly. Kudos to anyone who got the Smashing Pumpkins reference--I'm always here to remind you that whatever Billy Corgan comes up with this time around will pale in comparison to Siamese Dream.

All pop references aside, I'll blame the offensive futility on the late West coast starting time, Little Nicky Punto can only do so much after his bedtime. Since Castillo's a rock star, he produced but he needs to supply everyone else with adderall before we head to LA to face the 1st place Angels.

Before I go, check out Howard Sinker's own variation of fan blogging, which is a little different than Pulling A Blyleven MosaicĀ®, but no less fruitful: Live from the Bay Area: The JimCrikket Report.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice.

you obviously haven't heard any of the new material, or the performances of the old material. they are playing silverf*ck again regularly...and its great.
I have heard the new material; it's soemthing off of the Zero single with better production.
Oh my goodness, a Red Green reference!? Are you kidding!? I love you guys!

Maybe the Handyman's Secret Weapon would fix the ass bats...
No dice...the assbats have returned. :(
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