Sunday, June 10, 2007


You Got Dick On Your Shirt?

With RK in Minnesota, I'm working all weekend and hence the dearth of smart alec commentary. If you dare to watch the mightily struggling Twins today, consider this a game thread. And to humor you during the low times, here's a classic video of Bert suggested by one of our readers.

Til next time, keep you sticks on the ice.


alright, here goes nothing. Hooray for assbats! We're so glad they're here, enlightening our team with their presence. Who needs hits anyway? I bet Luis Castillo likes striking out twice in one game. Lets hope for another asstbat-tacular game!
Today has been a day of miracles for the Twins. Here it is top of the fifth and the TWINS are in the lead - have been for the entire game. They have had the lead since the first miracle of the game - the umpires REVERSING a call, disallowing a home run in the first by the Nationals, by virtue of its having been in foul territory. And mind you, this came on the heels of me calling for the Twins players to have a exorscism performed.

And then to further the miraculous, the Twins proceed to score THREE times in the bottom of the first.

Coincidence??? I think not!!!
RK....they have a new Pepsi commercial with Mauer and Damon....and Mauer is just like "how about that all star voting"'s classic...
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