Sunday, August 12, 2007


On the Precipice of an Enormous Crossroads

People. People. QTF is going on around here? The Twins can't score more than 2 runs (if I were a stat person, I'd tell you that since the All-Star break the Twins have averaged 2.8 runs a game. But I'm not and I just made that number up.)

Am I losing the faith? I can't say that's true, but...

Talk about diminished expectations; I get elated when the Twins don't have a 1-2-3 inning. Never mind scoring runs or extra base hits. If Alexi Casilla gets on with a walk I figure we've done our damage.

What a horrible attitude I have. I wonder if the players have it too.

The bullpen's faltering, we'll have to figure out a word that means offense inverted. Infense or outfense, in this case.

Yeah, the Tigers and Indians are playing sorta crummy, too, but y'gotta take advantage of these opportunities to, y'know, make up ground.

Remember when it was gonna be a good year because the Wild Card was gonna come from the Central and the Yankees weren't going to make the playoffs? The hell happened?

Let's say some good things! You start

good things?

Atleast mauers avg is still above .300?

And uh.
Santana is pitching tomorrow.
and uh. *thinks hard*

hold me..plz.
Ummm... going to Anaheim this weekend to see the boys play in person was good. Eventhough they lost.

Would have been nice to have gotten a win in exchange for the fourteen hour round-trip drive and getting stuck in Orange County traffic. Oh well, guess you cannot get every thing.
THE YANKEES ARE GOING DOWN! That is my positive thought for the day. I will repeat this to myself throughout the remainder of the season. Well...maybe. Okay. That was a lie. But it was positive.
good is that we swept the Ms when we played them in Seattle in April, and that "King Felix" looked a bit like a jester instead. Hopefully history will find a way of repeating itself.
forgot to add "and that's a good thing" ala Martha Stewart
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