Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Baby Huey Steinbrenner

But I don't waaaaaaaaaaant to have patience, I want Johan now!!! You know what Bill? You just watch---I'm going to pull out of these talks for good! Don't believe me? Huh? What do you mean you don't want Ian Kennedy?? Fine!! Phil Hughes it is. Now come on, just say yes!! Puhleassssssseee?????? Fine! You just watch! I'll pull out of these talks right now. Don't think I can? You just watch me! Do you understand what 'deadline' means? The deal is dead! I told you I'd do it! This thing is dead! Just like your stupid poopy face.

24 Hours Later

Bill? Bill? It's dead, you know, the Johan thing........If you're not doing anything else, I mean, if you're not too busy...you wanna come hang out at my suite? Maybe bring your Santana toys with you? I just love too much, Mr. Smith.

Ah, the Yankees. I love how they shoot themselves in the foot every year by building their lineup at the expense of their rotation, and then super-duper-ultimatum their way right out of the running for the best pitcher on the planet.

Hank Steinbrenner is shaping up to be great comedy. No matter what happens next season, it will be fantastic to watch him drive the Yankees into a ditch.
ahhh steiney-pants.
hes one big piece of cheese.
he has enough whine to go around.
get it.
shoot me if need be. That was pretty horrible. My jokes are slowly getting more and more suck by the minute.
LOVE this!! Hank is a whiny, spoiled brat!! But, he's making it interesting as we wait in angst to see what will happen! :)
as of 12:15 Eastern, Peter Gammons is reporting that the Twins will hold onto Johan! Hopefully he knows what he's talking about.

p.s. excellent picture, wintwins57! Go Huskies!
Thanks Stacey! It's my "off-season" picture!! :)
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