Thursday, December 20, 2007


Hasta Luego, Carlito

'Tis the season of giving, and the Mariners have predictably (C.f. Adrian Beltre) bestowed upon Carlos Silva what likely amounts to his best X-mas present ever: 44 mil over 4 years. To put how ridiculous this is into perspective, consider that Johan made 13 mil last season, but the fact that the MLB free agent market suffers from irrational exuberance is old news.

RK and I have a special place in our hearts for the Chief, and his magical sinker ball-that-doesn't-sink will certainly deprive us of one of our principal sources of bitching and complaining during the upcoming season. That said, Carlos is also in a sense giving the Minnesota Twins and its fan base a gift of his own: A series of gift-wrapped BP fast balls down the middle of the plate that the Twins will happily launch into the left, center and right field bleachers of Safeco Field. In advance Carlos, thank you.

As a final token of friendship to the Chief, we dedicate the HumahuaqueƱo video to Mr. Silva. This, incidentally, is our gift to you all:


My first thought when I heard this: "I hope that sinker doesn't sink when the Twins come to town!" :)
A magical gift is that video for all us pagan PAB fans. Nice glasses!

We've already had to remove several pages from the Twins 2008 calendar (Silva, The Pear Man, FOTF, Matty G.) and it isn't even 2008 yet.
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