Monday, December 03, 2007


Heavy Pettitte-ing

Good Monday morning everyone. News reports this morning are reaffirming that the annual Bronx Bomber incestual slobberfest is in full swing, with Andy Pettitte reportedly close to resigning with the team . We don't know what this means for the Johan discussions, but we do know that Jim Leyritz and Scott Brocious are feverishly calling their agents wondering where their contract extensions are.

As for Hank Steinbrenner.....

I for one won't be disappointed if nobody gets Johan--if only because the richest of the rich won't get what they want. And it won't be like not giving Bill Gates a brand new Ferrari--because he'd just pay someone to build another one. But you can't build another Johan! So ha! Uh, for at least a year, anyway.

If you go to and look at the blog....waaaay down at the bottom of the blog they touch on the fact that the Twins probably won't give up Johan due to the fact that we will be having a healthy Liriano and that we're not going to give up that 1-2 punch. Along with that...if that goes as well as is expected, we may be coughing up the money...or trading him in July....IF Johan waives his no-trade clause.. just some food for thought on a Monday/first day of winter talks :)
scott brosius. thats a name i have not heard for a long, long time. Do i know him? well he's me!
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