Thursday, December 06, 2007


Sweet Silence

You know things have gotten a little weird when you're contemplating whether or not to type "Johan Santana still being on your team is a disappointing development". Being in grad school, I don't have to be a realist, so I will continue living in my fantasy world happy that we have the best pitcher in baseball, the best pitcher of this decade, on our team.

That said, changes may be in store. One wonders if our inactivity in the Rule 5 draft today had less to do with the quality of players and more to do with the perception that come Spring Training the 40-man roster will be filled up via trades and whatnot. I'd say free agent signings but, come on, my fantasy world only extends so far.

So, with things presumably quieting down on the Twins front, maybe it's time to contemplate more pressing isssues. Like:

Are the Timberwolves the worst NBA team ever? They're off to the franchise's worst start ever, and that's saying something.

Will the Viqueens make the playoffs?

Have the Grammys completely surrendered all dignity? Or did that already happen last year when "My Humps" won record of the year?

Will Twins beat writer Joe Christenson ever stop being annoyed that his job requires him to follow up on rumors swirling around Santana? I mean, it's your job to cover the Twins guys, and that's what's going on right now with the team. In my own case, I could bitch about editorials continuing to publish those pesky books that need to be read/taught/criticized, but I've found that spitting at the rain is a poor way to spend my time.

I'm WV, and that's the rest of the story.

I'm glad someone in grad school has a happy fantasy world. I am still in the first-semester identity crisis phase, which will hopefully wind down as the semester ends.

For now, I shall share in the present-tense bliss that is seeing Johan pitch for us another year. Let us be happy for that, and let us be dogged optimists.

And I shall also offer my own unsolicited answers to your queries...

Who cares?

Again, who cares? Though I must say...'Viqueens' Really? I've only heard that scathing barb from people under the age of 13. I know you can do better than that.

The Grammys, like the Tonys and the Oscars, have the single agenda of outdoing their own ridicularity each year. "My Humps" won record of the year? Really? Things HAVE gone south, haven't they?

I see your point. But I'd be annoyed too. Rumor-mongering and guesswork are for the tabloids and weather forecasting. Wait it out, calm down, and let me know when something REALLY happens.
Yeah, if you knew me better you'd know that sophmoric humor has a decidedly strong hold on the progression of my maturation into adulthood. I could do better. Vik-turds?
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