Sunday, March 30, 2008



Or opening night. I can't keep these things straight anymore. Coupled with home openers, next you're going to tell me there's some magical "International date line" that people can cross and play opening day games in Japan!

Christmas lasting 48 hours? Blogger please.

So if it feels like opening day has lasted about a week.... it's because it has.

In the same spirit:

I'm close to it being opening day on the next quarter-century period of my life

Every day is opening day for someone in recovery. Think about it.

Somewhere, it's opening day for a Wal-Mart. Closing day for local stores soon to follow! Oops, sorry, I'll redouble my efforts not to let politics come in here. I just recently visited my parents in their tiny Nebraskan town where there are almost no more downtown shops and the Wal-Mart pulses like some sort of L'Engelian leviathan. Alliteration and young adult lit? I'm in prime form, people.

Not that I really care what you call it, right? I mean, as long as the season gets underway, I don't care if you start it in February on the moon. I don't have any connection to Cincinnati - who cares if they used to be the place the season started? I used to have blue hair, and we can all agree that was a bad idea.

I just get greedy. I don't want to have to watch Atlanta in DC. Boring. I want 13 other games! I want doubleheaders, day games, night games, intramural games, ugly Sunday uniform games, and however they organize things on that time warp of a vortex that is the west coast!

In re: post below - we're right about baseball about as often as Joe Morgan, so we'll try to limit ourselves in the predictive department and stick to our guns - off-color remarks, colorful invective, and junior high nostalgia.


I want this season to start. I don't have high expectations, but I'm ready for some baseball in my life. You know the feeling. That said, I have

1. A monstrous thesis to finish
2. to move in July

These are the only conceivable roadblocks I can see to consistent roadblocks. Other contingencies, exigencies, emergencies, and etymologies:

1. Social life
2. Summer job

1 looks unlikely, but I also have no idea what I'll be doing for work this summer. Sitting by the pool sounds nice, but is so far a bleak career option.

OK, enough tickling and teasing. A proper reintroduction forthcoming, hopefully today.


Welcome back. Let's do this thing...
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