Wednesday, April 30, 2008


1st Place Means It's Cool To Say Bitch Sox Again


Short pregame today, but thought I should give a shout out to RK who is defending his hopefully-completed thesitation today.


Having spent the weekend in Minneapolis and mercifully getting a reprieve from blogging the last couple of games against the Rangers, we try to return to form (very much like the Twins themselves) in a day game blogging extravaganza.

If only there were some kind of form to return to....

A Nick Punto walk! Just steal 2nd and between you and me we can call it your 1st extra base hit. Just when we thought Gardy had gotten over his infatuation with LNP he goes and starts him a bunch of times in a row. The old switch and bait this was...

Go Go Go to the bench. The only thing Gomez's speed amounts to these days is how quickly he can make an out.


Toby Hall - Mike Redmond = 0. As in, they are equal entities.

Love this Pacific Time Zone, nothing like a baseball game starting at 10 in the morning. Eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch and listening to Bert at the same time? Kill me now. (Ed. note: I eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch at all hours of the day)


For lack of anything better to say, Liriano's numbers for Rochester today: 4.1 IP 5 H 4 R 4 ER 5 BB 3 SO. Though it's early--Liriano is quite closer to being mentioned in the same sentence as Joe Mays.

The Bitch Sox are proving to be worthy of their moniker as they've now thrown at a smattering of Twins hitters, making contact with Cuddy's back. Blackburn: Your mission is to take out AJ. Pirhanas can be lethal right?

Free Kubel!!! From his plunging batting average.


Bert Blyleven Traffic Safety, Private Eye needs to supply hard hats to the folks sitting in the left field seats whenever Nick Blackburn pitches to Carlos (San) Quentin.


I take back all the mean-spirited things I said about Speedy Go[m]ez.....until trying to go home after stealing 3rd! Gardy's pretty incensed, so maybe he really was safe. In any case, 2 runs in, we retake the lead.

I get the sense that Gardy identifies a lot with Demi Moore and her dealings with Ashton Kutcher.


4k's in 2 innings? I'd say we've got this Thornton guy figured out.


Maybe I should criticize Go Go more often. Not only does he get on base, but he might have injured the pitcher. Nice---who needs to throw at people's heads when you can have your leadoff hitter elicit and all out ligament assault.

RK THESITATION UPDATE; Passed the defense. A collective congratulations to my partner in blogging crime.

IN DR. NEAU WE TRUST!!!! File that double under the "Living Up To Your Contract" category.


"Dye's got the pants legs pulled down, it's obvious he's going for some kind of change". That's another piece of dazzling analysis from the Dazzle Man himself.

Strike out the side? I'll take 2 to go.


Nathan has discovered that throwing fast balls down the middle of the plate is the best way to sweep away the Bitch Sox and move to within 1.5 games of first place in the Central.

It's fun watching gameday and seeing "swinging strike" when Neshek's pitching and imagining how futile the hitters must be looking.
So I watched the twins squeezeplay of the game and wow Cuddyer looked like he was out for blood.

Umpire shouldn't of stood between him and the pitcher. That would of been suh-weeeeet.

Atleast he chucked his bat, but in the wrong direction. He did an anti Dlmon Young.
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