Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I Could Have Sworn I Just Saw Al Leiter Pitching For The Mets


I use MLB Mosaic, as you know from my many and numerous frustrations, and one of the six screens is a "Baseball tv channel" and I swear I saw Al Letier warming up to pitch for the Mets. I looked him up, and it looks like he's inactive, but why in God's sweet hell would they show him warming up from year ago? I mean, I know he's a notoriously slow pitcher, so perhaps he's still pitching his last game from 2005?

WV is in Oakland tonight, and has good seats, meaning 300 yards from the field (The Coliseum has a looooot of foul territory people, which was good in 02, am I right!) so you're stuck with me, but I don't know for how long. I've been grading papers all day and I have my cranky pants on.



And hey, it's time to gripe again! Mosaic is crapping out on me and my connection is super choppy.

So what's going on in the game? How's Bon Jovi doing? How am I doing? What's the meaning of it all?

I see the inning is over. But not because I saw it. Really puts a cramp in how this blog goes, huh?

OK I give up, I can't watch the game. Keep me company in the comments? Pleeeeeeease?

Well, the Twins have at least one run, scored during the first (I think). RBI by Monroe who managed to not quite make it into a double and ended up out to end the inning. D'oh!

About to start watching the game in earnest (TiVo was otherwise occupied 'til now).
And now I've tuned in just in time to see LNP commit an error. D'oh! Runners on 1st and 2nd with one out in the 4th. C'mon Livan! A double play here would be sweet.
3-0 twins. ;)
Awesome, awesome awesome. I see LNP did turn that DP after all!
Looks like Bon Jovi haters might have to wait a little longer to trot out the Ramon Ortiz comparisons (guilty, and I probably owe Mr. Hernandez a fruit basket in apology)
3-2 now.. piss.
Oh, Bon Jovi, why do you have to try to prove me wrong even as I'm retracting my previous wrongness?
I can haz thurd out pleez?
I'm not sure how I feel about Bert saying they're gonna "get [Scott Baker] off". (His way of saying they're letting Scott go after talking them for a bit.)

Livan is struggling a little now and our defense isn't helping matters. Oy!

Oh good, out of the inning.
Thankfully, you can has.
Scott Baker has elfin bits and pieces, so I don't know how that would work. God I wish I could watch the game.
Why is Gomez sucking!?!?! Ahhh *spaz*
I dunno what's worse...that Monroe has not 1 but 2 RBI...or that Kubel scored from 2nd.
Or is it ROCKalypse? That was... stupid.
i laughed though. :)!

hello, home run!. hello, score of 4-3 in favor of the a's!
So much for a 3-0 Lead. *c'mon morneau, c'mon morneau..*
Gah! Did they leave Livan in too long? Harrumph.

So should the Twins try to sign Frank Thomas? Two years ago I thought maybe it would've been a good idea, now I dunno. We've made worse moves. Mostly I don't think the A's (or anyone) should have both Frank Thomas and Mike Sweeney because that would just be too cruel to the Twins.
Livan deserves his own little anger salad for giving up a home run to the A's, after MLB jinxed us by noting how few homers the A's had been hitting lately.
Wouldn't it be nice to be at .500? HUH LIVAN?? HUH?
There's anger salad to go around, from Bon Jovi to Gardy, who's apparently too busy barking at his wife to know that his pitcher is DYING OUT THERE. I can tell this from game cast for the love of all Montpelier Vermont.

In re: Frank Thomas - I'd actually be OK with it, but I have a feeling he might retire to protect his lifetime .302 BA for a sure ticket punch to the Hall of Fame. Or perhaps I'm being cynical.
I do like the Big Hurt and if he retires, that's reasonable. If someone picks him up (like the Twins or A's), also a reasonable thing.

Bert loves the large foul territory in Oakland . . . and so do we.
Yeah, WV said he had good seats, and I told him to bring his binoculars anyway
Oh yeah, the worst part is, you know if it was Blackburn, Slowey, or even Baker he'd be out there soon as the homer left the bat.

...which is, of course, the right decision.
I suppose it's too much to expect CARIG to hit a triple here and then an HR next at-bat if he gets one. Cycle in order, baby! Do it CARIG! That would make up for ---

hey waitaminute, he just hit a HR! AWESOME!
Yay, Monroe!
(We call Monroe "CARIG" over at WinTwins.net because at the Dome when they introduced him during the lineups for the second game of the year, they put his name up on the big scoreboard as "CARIG MONROE")
I like the Monroe nickname muy bueno
Wow, do teams have Speedy pegged or what? 2 strikes, then EVERYTHING is low and away until he strikes out.
I second the Monroe nick, btw... has a story and everything.
I've been known to call him "Monroe Doctrine" from time to time as well. Mostly our discussions of CARIG during games have been sad or angry ones; always with a note on how well he hit again the Twins in previous seasons.

But hey-- great game so far for CARIG! (Would be nice if some of the other guys would hit the ball too.)
Now now, we can't expect too much from Dlmon
Dick and Bert discuss the Mauer fishing lure giveaway and whether Dick has trouble catching fish because of the Twins lures or his fishing ability. And then . . .

Bert: "Do you think the fish know that it's, uh, almost opening day for fishing season? Do you think they're finding their spots to hide now?"

Dick: "Yeah, I suppose. I think they're finding their spots right now for something, hiding might not be it."
Dick's getting fresh!
Pitiful 'tactics' do not concern the Kubel.

Let the Athletics feel the wrath of the Kubel!
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