Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Let's Try This Again


I've been grading papers all day today, so I sure hope Boof lifts my spirits a little bit tonight.

I just thought of something. As you all know, in Michael J. Fox's magnum opus Teen Wolf, his loins are afire (after all, the werewolf thing is one big puberty metaphor, right?) and they are torn (thankfully metaphorically) between the girl next door Boof and... Pamela? I think? Some anonymous early 80s blonde with tastefully feathered hair and shirts with oversized collars. Like they did.

Bonser certainly has hair that is OC (outta control) and is sort of werewolfey, and hell, it might not be the most sophisticated relationship, but Ima call Boof Teen Wolf.

Couldn't have said it better myself.


Alright, this is unacceptable. I paid a bunch of money to be able to watch the games and I can't watch the damn games.

So I have to watch the lowest resolution and I can't use Mosaic; this is why I paid for premium?

Heads up play, Joe! Well, I'm not missing much anyway, and perhaps it's even better a little grainy.


Boof! A 1-2-3 inning! Let's hope we can keep the pitch count under 100 by the 4th inning, eh?

I find myself in a strange position rooting for the Yankees to win tonight because they're playing the bitch sox.


Wha-hm? Who?


Oh Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Teen Wolf

Hmm, blogging and grading papers is more difficult than I thought it would be tonight. You wanna grade these for me, party people? Just give me a list of 32 letters and I'll assign them randomly (J/K!)


Oh, my player froze! So I missed the inning! Oh what a night!

Late December back in '63.


I've diagnosed my lack of attention in this game:

1. No Dick and Bert
2. Choppy video
3. Grading papers

Just call me Dr. K. No seriously, in like 4 years you can call me that. Yes. Maybe. Whatever. I'm wallowing in ennui

Aaaaand it's crapped out entirely. OK, time to contact MLB. Sorry for the half assed post!

Let's just pretend like it never happened and we'll still respect each other in the morning.

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