Tuesday, May 06, 2008


The Dirty Truth

I'm not abandoning you guys, I promise. But let me tell you the insidious nature of this self-flagellation some people call "graduate school."

- As you know, I've defended my thesis. That doesn't mean it's "done," and in fact I'm making revisions

- When I submit it to the grad school for publication (which you can't see for 3 years! Nobody's taking my research!) I have two weeks to make edits and changes THEY think I need doing.

Getting it defended? That's only the start. But it seems our boys are winning when we don't blog, so what does that say? Nothing, it's a coincidence, and correlation doesn't prove cause!

Good luck with the revisions! If I say "no-hitter", will that jinx Gavin Floyd into turning into a batting practice pitcher?
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My God.

The rage... it will not subside. Check out #7.
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