Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Eli's Coming


No pregame today, but who's counting? There's nuts on Good Eats, and lord knows I love me a nut or two. I really like cashews, but I would argue that pistachios are the best nuts on the planet

And Nikolai Blackburn is looking good so far. Whaddya suppose the odds are Boof joins the bullpen? Because there's just not enough righties in the bulllpen.

Hamilton needs to sit down and think about all those RsBI he has. He uh, has a lot. Probably more than the entire Twins roster


Speedy Go[m]ez, even you can't bunt super hard like that and beat it out.

Look at it this way NOT Wade Boggs, you gave some guy a souvenir.

Mauer is just giving the Pontoon the business at the plate, which is good to see. Even when he's in the hole, he's a cool hitter in the box.

The other JM almost beat the shift, but you gotta tip your cap on that play. The pontoon, not so good of late, and hey, I like this above .500 thing, so we should uh, keep that going.

And that's baseball analysis, son.


I hear facebook is undergoing some changes soon, so that'll be interesting. I'm new to that world, but I'm comfortable with how things are. I resist change!

Also, Operaion! Game of Life got out, followed quickly by... the next guy? Let's guess... Shelton.

It was Murphy

You'd think I wouldn't be so lazy - I can just look to the right of the screen and see. But I think guessing is fun!


What happened? Why is Clue Chinese Checkers so mad? Did he get bounced?

Boy, that Michael Young is a pretty good shortstop. Remember a few years ago when the Rangers had Young, Blalock, Delucci and Teixeira? That was good for them. The end. Of the story.

There'll be some technical difficulties here. Playing with my Airport Extreme (totally a Mac fanboy here)... back when I'm back


You know who I want broadcasting the apocalypse? TK. Dude would keep me calm as I melted away into a carbon shadow. How are the good guys not scoring any runs against the pontoon?


Meal or no meal! I get it! I'm totally ignoring that home run by Young for the time being. I wish our Young had a home run. That'd be the awesometime.


So I finally get my Wii hooked up to the internets, and all of a sudden Blackburn has given up 7 runs? This does not bode well my find four-fendered friends.

Reader Laurel is at the game tonight - but will she stay? Of course, because she is the hardcore.


Brightside McGee says: at least they didn't get shut out


Where was this pontoon when he was pitching for us? Hm?


We need some lolTwins. Perhaps I'll make some. Perhaps I'm in a pissy mood, I don't know. But uh, when I get Super Smash Brothers Brawl I'll totally play with someone on the internet.

As you can tell, I don't exactly have a "summer job" yet.

Rincon is perhaps trying to recapture some of Santana's magic with the goatee. It's not exactly working, but he did get in 2 solid innings of work, so I suppose that's good.


I see how silly it looks in print for a 25 year old boy man to talk about summer jobs, but I am a student after all, so it's totes OK.

I hate these damn commercials on

Holy hell, do I hate them


You know what I've been listening to lately? M83. They're not exactly new, but their latest album Saturday = Youth is an excellent 80s style disc. They make the music unironically, unlike most groups who do 80s music. But you all know how much I love the 80s music, even though I only had cognizant memories from the last couple years.

Oh God please make it stop. Just put the horse down.


No! We rally!

Well, probably not, but you gotta believe. I vaguely recall the Team with the Racially Insensitive name that plays near Lake Erie coming back for like, 10 runs in Seattle. But that was 2001. I think. Or it was the other way around. I really don't know of which I speak.

Seeing the pontoon out there to try and get a complete games makes me angry



What did we learn? Boof's black magic of succumbing to the big inning seems to be rubbing off on the other starters. The occasional gopherball is OK, but not when there are people on base. But I have a feeling they'll bounce back and beat Padilla (not the terrorist) tomorrow.

We're only so hardcore, especially after the long game on Monday night. Ended up bailing after the 8th, despite knowing Mauer, Morneau, and Michael "Rally Killer" Cuddyer were coming up to bat. Or perhaps because of that last bit. And how the game had gone so far.

Man, it wasn't even a good night for Twingo ("all prizes have been awarded" was put on the scoreboard right when things started to get interesting).

I'll probably write something up for about the shenanigans in the stands during the game. Beachball-palooza!
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