Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Comcast Is Stoopid

Hey everybody, I get blocked from Orioles games because I live 300 miles away from Baltimore! So I can't watch the game because Comcast doesn't carry whatever channel the O's play on. So... dammit.


WV: Not to worry: we'll soldier on with a radio feed.

RK: Firing up Gameday!

WV: So, TV on the Radio. Bleh bleh bleh my baaaby. Bleh bleh bleh lay hands on me.

RK: Hey now, I like TVOTR. So much I say TVOTR instead of TV on the Radio

WV: That's a sure fire way to know you like them.

RK: Come on Invisible Slowey, strike that anonymous gray batter out!

WV: With video games et al., my imagination and my gut experience the same kind of atrophy.


WV: Now that you're relegated to audio, do you appreciate the extra oomph Gardy puts into "bathroom caulk" in his Local Hardware spots?

RK: I'm still watching Good Eats - puff pastries son

RK: Hm, The Chairman was also in the Island of Dr. Moreau

WV: I hear he's not really the nephew of the original Chairman. I'm considering going all James Frey on his ass.

RK: Break him into a Million Little James Freys

RK: The lesson we learned from that brouhaha is if you wanna write about drugs, you better have done them

WV: Right. The same goes for gang banging. Oddly enough it doesn't apply to being successful in business....

RK: Y'gotta fake it

WV: You can dupe Joe Q. America on investing his retirement funds but if you prevaricate about seeing root canals done without anaesthesia....shame on you!!

RK: I read about that in the WaPo. The last thing you want to do is anger suburbanite yuppie parents. They're like locusts, but with ironic glasses and adorable play rooms

WV: And Humvee-esque strollers to take up sidewalk space in their gentrified neighborhood.

RK: I'm not even going to link this to baseball. 3 up 3 down, segue free.


RK: I see the ghost of Kevin Millar just hit a home run

WV: Yessir, on a slow Slowey change-up.

RK: Left it right up there, huh?

RK: Oh boy

WV: Back to back to back hits....Well, getting 2 runs out of this mess is about the best Slowey could've hoped for.

RK Boy am I behind you. That seemed like a complicated play.


RK: Is this Elizabeth's first start?

RK: Thin Lizzy? What works here?

WV: That works just fine.


WV: I'd feel uncomfortable if we weren't playing from behind.

RK: Yeah, it's their M.O. this year

RK: Gotta disagree with you, RB: I dig the hiked up socks. Makes me pine for Dougie pinetar

WV: Good to see that Slowey Gin Fizz has settled down nicely, though.



You have MLB TV, right? You could listen to the radio broadcast with that, I think. That is how I get through since I am way to cheap to spring for the video.
I may break and do that, but I dunno... radio just doesn't feel right unless I'm in the car - and there's still 50 minutes of Good Eats!
I'm going to miss Mr. White calling him Salary, or Slawry, or whatever.
Well, that sucks balls.
This is a dogshit inning. This ferocious Orioles lineup is not THAT good.. except right now I guess.
Whew. Close call.

Christ. This Coldplay iTunes
commercial pisses me off.
This Liz guy throws hard, but is all over the place.
Thin Lizzy is one of those pitchers who prefers the hiked up socks look. Never have liked it. I want to see super baggy Manny Ramirez style apparel out there. On everybody.
I blinked and that half inning was over.
I'm thinking the second time through the order we get this guy. He's feeling too good about himself right now, and clearly his "stuff" is shit.
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