Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Youth is Wasted On the Young


2 youth movements meet up in today's game; a look at the standings shows one to be *slightly* ahead of the other.

Us Minnesotans are not very assuming people, so logic follows that we play our best baseball in 2nd place. Like in '06, we'll wait until the last possible moment to make our definitive move.

RK is exploiting Virginia Tech's liquor reserve and I'll be in and out, but somewhere along the line there will be some live blogging today.


Kevin Slowey could understudy Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, because I think that he's doomed to repeatedly throw near-strikes on an 0-2 count to Patterson (that is, until he learns to play piano and do the heimlich maneuver).


This one gang wanted Leodenardo to join because he's pretty good with a bo staff, but Gallagher's control was too atrocious and he settled for a 5-pitch walk.

Every slumping Twins player better watch out, because Punto's up and he takes no prisoners. (Morneau was actually tired of digging Everett's throws out of the dirt and paid him off). And if Punto fails to knock people on the bench off with his errant hits, Garrett Jones is patiently waiting in Rochester.

If Punto and Mauer want to bump their power numbers, they should get on the horn with the new stadium's architects and get the right-center fence moved in.

No need to tell Span that 1 is the loneliest number.

Since everyone in the stadium forgot about him at 1st, he easily steals 2nd.


Yowza, I take a dinner break and the Twins put up 13. It'll be extra-tough for Guerrier to blow this one. Let's hope that Johan Slowey-tana stays out there and gets a few more K's.


Sars gives up a hit and so on and so forth.

Seattle is once again proving to be less than helpful, as long as we keep it within a game and then win when we play them later this month.


Good to get the offensive stroke back, and good to see a nice outing from the starting pitching. Hopefully we'll take care of business tomorrow and wrap up a 5-1 homestand.

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