Friday, September 12, 2008


Charm City Redux


RK: As we start this special friday RAIN APOCALYPSE liveblog, if anybody noticed my entry from Wednesday, take heed; don't take happy hour too seriously

WV: But do know your limitations.

RK: As long as you can make a sandwich, you're not that drunk. That's what I always say. I always say that. Ask anybody

WV: He does say that, I will attest to it.

WV: You know what I least like about Baltimore?

RK: The Cal Ripken legacy?

WV: Nope. Ace of Cakes. Just don't get it.

RK: Good point. It's cakes, for Pete's sake

WV: And it's cakes with attitude. Big whup, wanna fight about it?

KK: oh my gosh...

RK: I'm singing "RAIN DELAY" to the "NORMAL VIEW" tune

KK: it worked! haha. But I highly doubt there will be baseball tonight. Check out Ikes ex Tina is wreaking havok from chicago to baltimore.

WV: So uh.....small talk huh. What do you guys think of the Bush Doctrine? Should we prevent European armadas from entering North America?

RK: In what respect, WV?

KK: First off, who names your kid Bush?

KK: Whats the difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom?

WV: I want to say something witty here.

KK: The hockey moms jowls are bigger.

WV: Nice. You sooo went there.

KK: Kevin Slowey the forecaster? He's talking about humidity and such. And he said the game should start at 8:27.

WV: "Why Mr. Gibson, earmarks are the little strings left on the corn cob after you shuck what respect?"
haha "I'll hold you to that" "well go right ahead" Tellie never second guess the slowey.

WV: Tellie is back huh?

RK: Is his chin strap strong?

KK: Oh yes, back and ready to get hit by baseballs.

KK: Ew its back to highschool football. Cretin and woodbury or something? I love how everyone that went to Cretin or knew someone who went there say that they know Joe Mauer.

WV: You gotta keep it beatin for all the hoppin cretins.

RK: I like turtles!

KK: I went to one football game in highschool and it was richfield against the holy angels (guess which school I went to) and the cheerleaders got into a big huge brawl.

WV: I drove by Cretin last time I was in town, I swear my arm got stronger. I touched 70 on the radar gun.

KK: I got more chest hair, how weird is that?

WV: I'm putting you on the cover of GQ.

KK: And I had an urge to wear flannel shirts. Oh please do, can I pose with a bear?

RK: But the bear has to be one of those russian bears.

RK: Bears are a bit of a niche culture, huh?

KK: They are the most dangerous animals in the planet and should be stricken down. They hide in my caves, and eat all my berries.

RK: I want to watch a graphical representation of baseball game soon

RK: Oh I thought we were talking about bears as in large hirsute gay men

WV: On the bright side, if we make this up later on it'll be more time for Cuddy to ground into more double plays.

RK: Is he back on the el teamo?

RK: That's Spanish for "The Team"

WV: Taking some BP apparently.

KK: Wow, I did not know that.

WV: Cuddy's return is far more anticipated than Metallica's soon to dominate Q98 for all eternity new album.

RK: St. Master of Lightning Puppets: ReLOADed

KK: The metallica cd is kinda good *hides*

WV: Just heard the one song, sounds kind of vieja escuela.

WV: That's French for "One"

RK: The best part of that Girl Talk album is the Lip Gloss song played over the guitar riff in "One"

KK: Yep, the unforgiven III is pretty om nom nomz.

KK: double header tomorrow starting at 4 :|

RK: My bones were correct

KK: But shit, white sox has to do a double header tomorrow too.

WV: See, bringing up Metallica made it rain harder! Damn your devil music!

KK: *glimmers of hope*

WV: I dub thee unforgiven.

KK: twins+ dbl hdrs= from my memory have faired well.

RK: A day off's a day off

WV: Now Cargo can go back to the hotel and play Samba de Amigo.

KK: And lew ford can go play d&d......

oh wait..


how the hell, with rain that wiped out games in New York, Philly and Baltimore did Pittsburgh and Boston get in home games? Stupid picky rainstorm.
I will miss you guys all weekend now, because no one is keeping me away from that double header tomorrow. And if that is not enough Twinkie action for me, I will go to the Sunday game as well... Woo hoo for a Twins weekend. And actually being able to see them play and not having to deal with finiky internet that does not want to stream the radio broadcast in a continuous stream... :-D
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