Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It's Not Pornography, It's Art


Do you want to see some pictures? Your intrepid blogger took, as Kevin Costner would say in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, But Not British Accents, a roade trippe. Up to Baltimore to Camden Yards, for a Twins game that the Orioles were kind enough to host.

1) The field is beautiful blah blah blah

2) So before the game I took pictures of Twins stretching. Enjoy

I blame the photographer here. That is a horrible shot of a horrible angle. But there I am! You can't really tell, but that's the old "TC" on my hat. In Hokie colors. Synergy! (I go to Virginia Tech, for the uninitiated)

We'll start off nice and easy. That there is naked batting practice, holding it down.

Here's Denard Span, just cold posin' for the camera, even though he's acting like he isn't. TRUE FACT: Denard Span is a diva.

Nice Socks, Mr. Crede. Yes, socks.

Here is (I believe?) Matt Tolbert, trying to find his next ex-wife.


Oh hi, I didn't notice you there

The trainer can only conceal so much

Remember, impure thoughts are sinful

Just a warm up for the -

Ladies, you're welcome

Now let's see if the boys can beat the Red Sox for once.


Pretty sure the announcer person pregame just said Mauer Pauer. It's OK, we here at PAB don't believe in intellectual property rights.

I fully approve of Dick's sideburns. He looks old in HD.

Admittedly, I should have had the forethought to think eating popcorn and blogging wouldn't work together. But! Hands are washed, and here I am


I will now forever associated T.I.'s "What You Know?" with Joe Mauer. Who, by the way, can apparently hit a home run at will.

Haha, creepy guy with a cameraphone.

I have a hard time when JoeMa makes an out. Like, "What does it all mean?" kind of hard time.

Good hustle, Dr. Neau. I approve of your decision.


Blackburn isn't looking that great tonight. This has me ill at ease.

And my player is crapping out. This could be an omen.

But no! I shall persevere! But seriously, I saw Star Trek last night. Does anybody else think that it rocked VERY HARD?


Joe Mauer's hind leg is like the pitching rubber? I'll go with it Bert, because you played man, and I was probably the only grade school center fielder to bat ninth.

Uggggh losing my will to continue this.


What the crap, Firefox? Crashed 3 times in a row!

And now the feed won't pick up and I am just having a hell of a time right now I tells ya.

I came back just in time to see OMG make a second consecutive out? I think this is some harbinger of doom - let me check my Mayan calendar. Heh. MyMy An Calendar.


I am not feeling this right now. Je regrette. Could it be Nikolai walking David Ortiz? Maybe. Could it be him throwing 30 pitches per inning? Possibly? Could it be a headache and just really dry eye? Mainly.

But then he goes and does that and it's like how can I not at least watch? Sorry it's not very funny tonight though.


God dammit that's the last time I'm letting Firefox crash on me. Good day for now.

Those are very nice pictures indeed...very, very nice. However, the one you said was Matt Tolbert is really Brian Buscher -- or Matt Tolbert wearing Brian Buscher's jersey; it's hard to tell.
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