Friday, February 12, 2010


I Will Tell You A Thing About A Guy

We all live our lives with certain universal truths that shape our worldview, conduct our conduct, and produce our everyday lives.

Here's one of mine: Until proven otherwise, anybody could be a robot.

Like Nick Punto:

Turbo boost?
Good handling around the corners?
A lot of power in such a small machine?


We're heading to Sicily this fall (when the Twins will be playing in the LCS) and have already reserved a Fiat Punto. Just for the name.
Nick Punto was on Steroids I know it because I knew a reliable Twins coach who told me.
If you're a Twins fan, you might like my predictions for the AL Central I posted today.
The Fiat Punto will go at top end speed all the time, even if it's just for a routine trip to the gas station for nachos. It's the kind of hustle that makes you appreciate having the car even if its underperforming on the highway.
i understand lol...
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