Thursday, November 16, 2006


That's a Prediction That Makes it Easy to Look Smart

Everybody on the planet thought Johan would win the Cy Young? Well thanks for the hot tip, Quincy. I was hoping at least one sports writer would have had the chutzpah to throw in a Josh Beckett or a Kris Benson or a... um... Kelvim Escobar?


-It will be called "2007"
-The Democrats will be in control of both houses of Congress
-Robert will turn 25 sometime in August (yeah, it is kinda sad that this is the output you get from a supposedly fully functioning adult. Makes me want to drink too)
-April showers will bring May flowers
-Rush Limbaugh will pop some pain pills
-Russel Crowe will assault or verbally abuse someone
-The course will be stayed
-In the quarterly war to see who can make the most ridiculous pizza, Dominos will win 3 out of 4, with the "upside down raw pizza" narrowly beating out Pizza Hut's "Spaghettio's 'n' corn pizza"
-There'll be another British rock invasion. Again. Seriously. Every damn year it happens.
-One of those ridiculous Esurance commercials will finally make sense
-The word "skullduggery" will make a rampaging comeback into the nation's lexicon
-William will win second prize in a beauty contest and get 10 dollars
-And most importantly, Johan will win the Cy Young. You heard it here first

Lovely predictions might I say.. especially the last one. Lol. (I support it 100%!!)
Spaghetti-O's and corn pizza? I think I just jetered a little.

How appropriate that the Word Verification for this comment is "ishhi."
carmen predicts that TR will shrewdly get some unsuspecting sap to trade away major talent for peanuts (and maybe he'll throw in Willie Eyre-in-go-bragh! for good measure.)
megan: We didn't ask for this gift, but we're glad you agree.

laura: Nothing could sound grosser than Pizza Hut's lasagna pizza. That just shows contempt for their customers. And coming from a guy who's had pizza in Brooklyn more times than he can count (I can't count very high, but whatevs) whatever Dominos is hawking ain't that.

carmen: we like your prediction and we trust in TR's ability to see big time talent in small time players. Zito? Fuhgeddaboutit!
AL MVP today..
Who doesn't use skullduggery? It's a magnificent word. Be sure to use it today.
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