Friday, May 18, 2007


It's Just A Little Airborne, It's Still Good, It's Still Good!


I never thought that I'd ever find myself saying this, but... I'm hoping for a 2006 redux. Remember last year when interleague play was the cure for what ailed our boys? I know there's been a lot of sturm und drang and plenty of reasons for there to be - but if there was ever a doubt as to how important Mauer is to this club, I'm sure that doubt is erased. My prediction: Boof hits a double tonight.

You may also notice the title. There's a few reasons for this:

1. I can't think of anything clever to say
2. WV is out and about, so I can't rely on him to be clever for me (seriously, in his memoirs, he's gonna write, "Only reason RK was funny was because of me")
3. I want to make this interactive

So you get to pick! Leave your suggestions in the actual comments (I can't pay attention to the sidebar chat like normal when there's just one of us doing this), and I'll pick the best one at some point during the game. Then you'll be validated, and can skip your appointment with your therapist this week.


Boy, that looked just a little low and inside, didn't it? I mean, didn't it?

I'm pumped to see the BrewCrew wearing their old school unis. The fingers of the mitts make an M and the thumb and palm make a B. Get it? My junior year college roommate pointed that out to me.

Honestly, these guys have said "Capuano off to a good start" so many times you'd think they were potty training him.


Best interchange of all time:

Thing 1: Bert Blyleven said that he changed his name legally to Boof Bonser

Thing 2: Well I don't trust much of what Bert says

Thing 1: Bert says you gotta look it up.

Thing 2: Well if you said it, I'd believe it. Not Bert.

And therein lies our ethos. BOOOOOOOOF!

I love this MLB Mosaic. It's how I know that Aaron Boone is getting high playing for the Marlins

And runners on the corners. Fantastic.

Gaaah, slowest double play eeeevveeeeer

Megan, I like your optimism, but when you start saying things like "it's only one run" it reminds me of that Simpsons episode with the pig that gets taken all over Springfield. "It's just a little dirty, it's still good, it's still good! It's just stuck in the dam, it's still good, it's still good!" Let's hope your optimisim pays off!


The Twins without Mauer are worse than the Suns without Stoudamire and Diaw. Yeah, I said it.

After how horrible that at-bat was looking, Morneau putting one in the 4.5 spot looks fantastic.

Keep throwing, Capuano. I'm sure the scouting report on the MVP said he was a threat to steal.

Runners on first and second, let's see if the LFE is fully powered.

Oh good. With Punto Bonser Castillo next inning... well.


I like when guys spell their name Geoff. Doesn't make any sense. Reminds me of Eddie Izzard's Dress to Kill: "In America, you say leisure, and in England, we say Lye-soo-rah"

Ooh, Stacey, you're most definitely in the front of the pack for a post title. I giggled a little bit. I giggle sort of like a girl. I bet you didn't know that about me. I can guffaw and howl like a grown-ass man, but when I just giggle, or if you'll forgive a little netiquette, lol, I probably sound like a junior in high school whose best friend just told her that the boy she totally likes said she was cute in chemistry class today.

Oh, Boof looked good that inning.


Hahaha, I switched over to the NYY/NYM game and they showed some chubby kid stuffing his face full of cotton candy. Wouldn't you like to get in the mind of a cameraperson for one day? Do you suppose one of them just pointed the camera and just couldn't stop looking? Like they're thinking, "So... disgusting... can't stop watching... diabetes... Wilford Brimley."

It reminds me of a couple of years ago, when people noticed that whoever the cameraperson was at the Staples center would kinda do a knee-high view upwards at women with large breasts. I think Kornheiser called it pervertcam.

Aaaanyway. There's two outs all of a sudden? Who'd have thought?

The two-out walk to Castillo? My inner Johnny Carson predicts an attempted steal.

Jeff Cirillo, you are SO not Phil Nevin! Triples are hot.

God I love 2-out rallies. And now the good doctor is up to smash the ball to kingdom come.

Stacey, yeah, the mosaic thing is available monthly (you get it with the premium package). In fact, I think that's how WV's doing it, because he's gonna spend June in Minneapolis and won't need it, obvs. That's short for obviously. But without vowels. It's fun to say. Try it! Right now.

No, he did not go, Mr. Brewer announcer man.

OK Sinn Fein. The carbomb is ready. The explosives are stuffed. The fuse is solid.

"Cappy"? Seriously guys. I'm sure he loves that.


What do you suppose the odds are that we could bat around after the first two batters making outs?

Well, close enough.


Oh yes, believe it. I couldn't do much writing because I had to see it for myself. Boof "John Paul II" Bonser struck out the side.


Ooh, I thought the Lew Ford Experiment had a hit there.

I feel it - here comes Boof's double.

Or sac bunt, and here's my comment that makes you think I'm a lettered man in old-school baseball: At least we turned the lineup over.


Haha, inside joke. Eh, OK. Stop laughing. It's times like this that make me miss Bert.

Bonser and Herzegovina is going to give El Presidente a run for his money with strikeouts... OK, so not really, I'm just trying to make a point here.

He's put down 10 in a row with 7K, and dammit announcers, I compiled that data real quick-like before you said it, and now I just sound like a hack. And if I wanted to do that, I'd write a political science paper and submit it to a journal.


Stacey, I'm writing my thesis too. Whatevs, I say. It's pretty much half done anyway. What's yours about?

Kevin, you just made me hungry. Those are two of my favorite food groups; beer and meat.

Hm, the announcers just called Morneau a "BC boy." I wish I was a Beastie Boy. I feel a close connection with Mike D.

The GIDP was not very Beastie though, Justin. In fact, I might say it's just plain wack.


Geoff Jenkins should start a band called "Geoff and the totally unnecessary letters."

The 0-out walk is never a good decision. Hopefully Bsquared can get a double play going

And as I write it, it happens. So let it be written, so let it be done. I'm bigger than Moses!

I like it when Counsell bats. It's like he's trying to get a good read on the jet streams.

I love the camerawork here! They went to the concession stand and some lady pointed at the Miller Lite tap and nodded aggressively, as if to say, "Oh yeah, I am SO getting me some beer!"


Stacey, I'm doing mine on how the society of bureaucratically controlled consumption precludes the possibility of meaningful rebellion. In other words, blah blah blah. And there's nothing wrong with submitting a paper, but if I do it, then the world at large will know I'm a hack instead of just the faculty at Tech. Whenever I present at conferences I feel like such a fraud. WV doesn't, because he isn't.

Torii's steal was all on the catcher. Bad throw.

The Lew Ford Experiment has been programmed to produce runs!

I had a hankering for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Probably the best decision I've made all day.


Uh. Sorry about that. I was eating my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Didn't want to soil my beautiful MacBook. I'm weird like that.


Here's a few other kooky things about me:

1. When I jam or peanut butter my toast, I don't use a base coating of butter. That's gross.
2. But when I peanut butter my toast, sometimes I slice bananas on it. OK, that's not so kooky, but sometimes I slice a pickle. Before you recoil in horror, go to your kitchen right now and grab a kosher dill, dip it in some peanut butter and go to town. You'll thank me.
3. I don't eat my cereal with milk. Any cereal. Ever.

Stacey, perhaps I'm just trying to undershoot so I'll pleasantly be surprised if people like it. Secretly, I'm obsessed with this idea. And here I just outted myself as an avowed leftist. Oops. I mean we're fair and balanced. And I do indeed plan on going on for a PhD because what else am I gonna do? I tried working for a bit. Wasn't a big fan.

Oh yes, this is a baseball blog, not RK 'n' Stacey's happy funtime grad school pow-wow hour. Though not a bad idea for public television.

Hey, not Phil Nevin just hit a dinger. He's a single and a double shy of a cycle.

Sister Jensen, who has direct access to my cellular telephone (we go a long way back) wants you to know that she's thrilled that Sinn Fein went to Denny's for her.

8 runs? What a gluttony of offense! I hope this is the catalyst that turns things around like last year's interleague play.


I like the Kirby Puckett tribute stuff, but I just remember my good friend Jesse saying "Kirby Puckett doesn't hit his wife, Kirby Puckett hits homeruns!" with the earnestness of a 9-year old. There's a strange story that we don't know, but at the same time, why should we care (too much) about that? I feel uneasy with the Puck, I'll be honest. I worshipped him as a boy myself, as I'm sure did we all.

Boof is just motoring here.

Geoff And The Unncessary Letters up to bat.

11 Ks? BOOOOOOOF, we hardly knew ye.


Some guy named Elmer is pitching for the Brewers. And I like that.

Hey everybody! Cristian Guzman is on deck for the Nationals! But I can't watch it. Le blackout restricciones.

Well, that was underwhelming, but we still have a 7-run lead, and you know me, I can't complain.


Stacey, yes it was shaved, and don't apologize. It's not like I talk about baseball very much anyway. I'm glad there are other dorks out there like me. Usually I do this and read. And drink. Uh, scratch the last one. Not really. For the kids.

Counsell at the plate, telling his upstairs neighbors to be quiet.

3 up 3 down, that's what I like to see from Guerrierrierrierrierr.




Punto went all Knucklehead McSpazatron and snagged that sucker!

And Joe Nathan's inning goes off without a hitch. Which is exactly what we like to see from the gentleman with a long face.


Repeat after me: Interleague play is the cure for what ails us. This is the beginning of a fanatical ranting about RAGNAROK. This I believe.

"Honestly, these guys have said 'Capuano off to a good start' so many times you'd think they were potty training him."

How about we get so many hits he needs to be potty trained...
Who Gets Boofed?

And man.. so close to a double play!!
Only one run in the inning though, we can handle that.

If it was more runs I'd have maybe said it different.
But look at it like this, to win a game you have to score, the least amount of runs you can get is one. So for us to have any chance of winning, we have to get a run. Ah well.. you know what I mean and am getting at, and now I'm rambling.

How about we just say, come on Lewwww! :P
as per your response to Megan, I think the post's title should be "It's just a little airborne, it's still good, it's still good!"
Haha. I like it!
RK, do you know if offers that mosaic thing on a month by month basis? I'm interested in checking it out, but I don't really have a lot of money to sink into it. However, I think it would be worth it if at some point in the near future Pat Neshek finds himself with a bat in his hands (imagine how awesome his swing is!)
or, getting to see that granny from Hunter would have been nice, too. Go get 'em, Twins!
That grand slam was oh so awesome!!!! :)
ok thanks for the heads up, RK. I'm going to give it a try. This is probably a bad idea, as I'm writing my thesis this summer and don't really need any other distractions, but I couldn't resist. Thankfully, I'm a pretty good multitasker.
On The Road To Nowhere

Beer, Brats, and Boof
I'm just working on the lit review right now. And hey, what's wrong with submitting a poli sci paper to a journal? I'm in poli sci, too, and that's what my advisor wants me to do with my thesis when I finish it... Anyway, what is the topic of your thesis?
ah, the "I'm not good enough for grad school" ethos, I know it well. You're topic sounds rather sophisticated, so I can't imagine you're as bad as you think you are. Are you going on to your PhD after you finish the thesis?
Sorry, if there's anything I think about more than baseball, it's my schooling (because I'm a huge dork like that). Didn't mean to hijack the blog.

Side note: wow, did that guy have the Twins logo shaved into his chest? Scary
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